E-Consent CashCourier.ca


According to Federal Electronic Signatures in Global and national Commerce Act, the users who give their consent and e-sign electronic documents thus agree to receive documents, disclosures and notification in electronic format, provide the information via electronic means and allow sharing of this information according to the provisions of privacy policies, terms of use and other applicable laws and regulations and conduct business electronically. Once a user submits information through the Website, one gives consent to receive electronic notifications, documents and disclosures as well as the information provided directly on the Website and electronic communications with third party marketers and lenders we contract with. Any of such electronic communication received after providing Your e-consent should be considered “in writing” and have the same force and effect. The copy should be printed for records.

We and third party marketers we contract with reserve the right to discontinue the provisions of electronic documentation, notifications and other forms of e-communication. In this case, the concerning users may be provided with prior notification of the case of termination in accordance with the provisions state in the policies and terms, regulating business relationship between the parts, as well as other applicable laws and regulations. The hard copies of the documents and records originated in the electronic form are not necessary to be produced and/or stored for the purpose of facilitation and expense reduction. All electronic records, disclosures and documents are to be destroyed according to the routine schedule and procedural practices as it is determined by regulatory requirements. Any of such electronic records can be considered and recognized as a legitimate evidence to validate rights, agreements and obligations, related to the parties bounded by the provisions of these e-documents or pursuant to these records. The time for validation, legal force and providing of such e-communication may differ.